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GeekPack® exists to empower women & girls to change their lives for the better through the power of code, community & confidenceWith the help of a supportive and encouraging community, we teach highly valuable technological and business-building skills so that women & girls can have the confidence to believe that anything is possible to achieve.
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Meet Julia

CEO & Founder of GeekPack®

Some people look at the sky and see stars; others see constellations. Some people look at lines of code and see a website; Julia saw a path to empower women in building their dreams. 

As a (former) military wife, self-taught web developer, and lover of location independence, Julia has taught over 2,400 women to say "YES" to any WordPress request, but not only that, “YES” to themselves, and “YES” to creating life on their own terms. 

Mastering WordPress has not only been the single biggest driver for Julia's career progression, but it has also enabled her to follow her dreams of a TRULY location-independent lifestyle. From a military wife moving every two years with zero career progression, she has since been able to work from home, work from her RV (yep, she was a full-time RVer for 1.5 years), and now works from anywhere! 

Julia is incredibly fortunate to run her business from the comfort of her sofa (or wherever in the world she might be)... all because she said “YES” to herself and her dreams, and learned a marketable and in-demand tech skill! 

Empowering women and seeing others succeed is the biggest motivator for Julia. And so, she created a program to teach others the skills that allowed her to take back control of her life and start living on her own terms.

Beth Taylor

GeekPack® Chief Operations Officer

Every great adventure needs a cartographer - someone who creates the maps that help navigate the journey. As Julia’s right-hand woman, Beth is the person who helps the GeekPack® team find their way. Her role is ensuring our business operations run smoothly and the GeekPack® team is happy and healthy so they can support our incredible students in the best way possible! You’ll often find Beth deep in planning mode, making preparations for our big, exciting upcoming projects, and making sure the team has the tools they need to execute our vision and continue moving the GeekPack® adventure forward!

Shannon Wynn

GeekPack® Business Manager

Through her ongoing tech support, Shannon embodies the GeekPack® mission of opening the doors so often closed to women and girls through inexhaustible empathy. As our GeekPack® Business Manager, Shannon is with our GeekPack® community every step of the way, from providing information to prospective students to helping our developers once they have client sites. Shannon worked as a WordPress Developer but was back to learning on her own before finding GeekPack®, where she has finally achieved her dream of learning new things every day and sharing her skills with others. She helps our GeekPack® students every day by creating a safe, supportive space for them to ask questions, work through problems, and celebrate wins.

Anna Jardine

GeekPack® Social Media Manager & Assistant Mindset Coach

Curiosity is the beginning of everyone’s GeekPack® adventure, and we want to meet their curiosity with our core values - empathy, respect, and patience. Anna embodies all of these values and manages our GeekPack® social media accounts. With her one-of-a-kind creative and empowering approach, Anna helps write our captions, create our graphics, and engage with everyone wanting to become Rockstars! You will also find Anna in GeekPOWer offering support and encouragement as she assists Helen Henley to create a powerful mindset branch to the GeekPack® brand.

Shannon Payne

GeekPack® YouTube & Website Manager

To go above and beyond is one of our most important GeekPack® missions, and that includes providing a variety of ways to teach and communicate with our GeekPack® community. Shannon is our YouTube Strategist who plans and creates awesome video content for our GeekPack® YouTube channel. Her job includes content planning, strategy and keyword research, scriptwriting, video editing, and optimizing videos so they are YouTube-ready! You will also find Shannon in the GeekPack® community cheering on students and offering ongoing tech support.

Mickey Lozano

GeekPack® Content Manager

GeekPack® exists to empower women to change their lives for the better, and one way we strive to empower is through our written communications with the GeekPack® community. Mickey’s role as Content Manager is to create the alchemy between code, community, and confidence, and bring it to life through our written words. Mickey searches for the tiny moments where we can give our best advice, greatest wisdom, and biggest learning moments to continuously empower our GeekPack community, no matter where they are in their individual journeys.

Helen Henley

GeekPack® Mindset Coach

Helen is an honorary GeekPack® team member and is geekly obsessed with helping our community members step into their zone of genius (and yes, you definitely have one). Helen is an introvert (with a big dash of rebel) who believes in mindset equity and the power of coaching to help you reach your full potential. She believes that one of the greatest adventures you can experience is taming your mind. Helens superpower is providing the practical tools and support you need to unleash the amazingness you haven’t yet realized. Using an integrated approach to mindset, Helen draws on her background in ICF coaching, NLP, Somatics, Trauma Awareness, Mindfulness, Strengths/Personality, and Health to help you access your flow and unique genius. She believes passionately in the GeekPack® mission to empower womxn, which is why she created the GeekPOWer program.

GeekPack® Internship Program

GeekPack® is excited to offer the opportunity to become an intern on our incredible Technical Support Team! 

The hope of this internship is that it will provide WP Rockstar students with valuable experience, help to develop their troubleshooting skills, and aid in the learning process. You will get to experience what it’s like to work as part of the GeekPack® Tech Support team, empower and encourage your peers, learn by applying your troubleshooting and critical thinking skills to real-world scenarios, and contribute to a valued community. 

You must be a WP Rockstar + GeekPack® student to apply for this program. To learn about the requirements of a GeekPack® Tech Support intern, what’s involved, the benefits, and how to apply, please go here:
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